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What is your lead time on a new building?

  • For our Best Value Line: Up to 3 weeks, LP Smart Siding and Z-Metal buildings 3-4 weeks and Carports the timeline is 3-4 weeks.

However when you call or come in to order, ask us for a more personalized timeframe and we will be happy to tell you where your building falls.​

Is delivery and set up included in your price? What about if the delivery is to ___?

  • All New Custom Builds Free Delivery... 

  • When purchasing off our lot & repo's Within 50 miles Free, Driver will charge $4.00 per mile there after...


Are Taxes included in my price?

  • No they aren't. For an after tax price we require your full delivery address.

Is there a discount if I pay cash? For veterans? What if I'm a reoccurring customer?

  • No to all of these. Cash price is the same as check, card,  or even Rent to Own. Veteran discounts are unfortunately not given for our portable buildings (they are for carports, there must be proof of a military ID), and although we appreciate your continued business, there is no discount.

  • The only discounts we offer are on our repos or if there  are multiple buildings are being bought at one time. (Please note this offer cannot be combined with buildings and carports.)

What are your hours?

  • They are Monday - Friday 9:00-5:00 and can be found under the "contact us" page on our website.

Are you open on weekends?

  • We are not, but please feel free to send us a chat and we'll be happy to get you an answer when we return to the office.

What is the name of the Uneeda Shed- Leesville sales lady?

  • My Name is Andrea Hutson and I am more than happy to help you! 


Where can I go for updates on Uneeda Shed?

  • We keep both our Facebook updated regularly with the latest Uneeda News.

Does my building come with blocks?

  • It does! All buildings have wood blocks and shims to set them on. If you prefer a different kind then you are welcome to ask us for your needed amount and purchase them accordingly then set them in a pile next to where you'd like your shed to go. Our driver will gladly place them accordingly for you. (Please note that our equipment cannot lift the building beyond 18 inches.)

Will your wood rot?

  • Nope! All of the wood we use is treated against termites, fungal decay, mildew, and rot.

What gauge metal do y'all use?

  • 29 gauge (Please note that metal gauge upgrades are available only on carports.)

Are anchors included with my building?

  • Rebar Anchors are automatically included with all of our carports only. However we do offer the option of adding anchors and straps to any portable building at $60.00 each.

*Please note that anchors can only be added BEFORE ​your building is built and delivered. Any additions after will cause an extra fee charge.*

What kind of paint is used?

  • Sherwin Williams A-100

Can I get a custom color?

  • You can, however you're responsible for getting us the color and it is a $100.00 upcharge.

Can we buy materials from y'all?

  • We are not able to sell our materials or supplies.

What is y'all's warranty?




What siding do y'all use?

  • It's called LP Smart Siding. It's comparable to cement board, but it is NOT a composite board.

How is the building delivered?

  • Our drivers will haul the building to your property, then use a one man mule (similar to a forklift) to drive the building itself where it needs to go.

Can we go and browse your lot?

  • Absolutely! All of our buildings stay unlocked so you're welcome to come anytime and look for as long as you'd like. There's no need to check in with the office first. Also, we keep brochures and price sheets available on our porch.

Are you offering the tiny homes again?

  • We sure are! Check out our "Finished Out" tab for more information!

Do y'all move buildings?

  • Yes!!!

Can y'all haul away and/or replace the old building?

  • We cannot unfortunately.

What are your accepted forms of payment?

  • Cash, Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check, and Any Major Debit or Credit Cards. We'll try to take anything except cows and chickens as payment!

*Please note that on our carports only, if a card is

received there is a 4.2% convenience fee.

Do y'all offer on-site builds?

  • We do! Our carports are built on property only, but our buildings do have the option as well w/25% upcharge.*

*Onsite builds* are 4-6 weeks out,

 for Derksen buildings at this time.

Derksen Requires 100% (Paid in Full). For our On-Site option!

Did we miss anything?

If so, click the chat with us button below and ask away!

Thank you for choosing Uneeda Shed!

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