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 Best Value Wood
Side Lofted Barn

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Best Value Wood buildings come in two styles, Lofted Barn or Side Lofted Barn, and offer standard 24" on center studs, doubled every 4', a high quality galvalume metal roof, 2x4 floor joists, and 6' walls, with the option of 2X3 or 3X3 single pane windows.

Best Value Wood
    Side Utility

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Best Value Wood Side Utility comes with 1 - 48" door (8') wide building, Or Double Shop Built Doors, (10'-12') Wide, 2X4 75" stud walls on 16" centers, 2X6" trusses, galvalume metal Roof, & 2X4 floor joist, with 5/8" Advantech flooring, with the option of 2X3 or 3X3 single pane windows!

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Best Value EMUT.PNG
Best Value Side EMUT.PNG

Best Value Metal buildings come standard with 6' walls, 1- 48" Shop Built Door (8' Wide), or Double Shop Built Doors (10'-12' Wide), 2x4 studs, 29 gauge metal roofing and siding, 2x4 floor joists, and 5/8" flooring, we do not offer windows with this style!
(ONLY) Side EMUT Offers 2X3 Windows 

No Other Color Option Available:
Best Value Metal comes with~
Roof & Siding: Light Stone Metal

Trim: Burnished Slate

These prices do not include tax.
Please note prices are subject to change at any time.

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